Hi I'm Jess, a k a ''Scrunchie Mommie'

Motherhood is not a perfect journey but we could all use to live a little lighter, add a little fun and colour to our lives. Follow my journey as I blog about precious moments, the imperfect journey that is motherhood and scrunchies of course!

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Before & After

Life Before my Daughter In the beginning, it was so fun. Isn't that how it always starts? That good ole’ honeymoon phase. I know we’ve all been there. Things were great and it felt like I had nothing to worry about. That lasted a couple of months until reality hit me...

Crystal Therapy For Your Little’s

As a new mom, you go through a thunderstorm. You go from what you used to think is little sleep to barely functioning because let's face it, with a newborn, 3 hours of sleep and you've won the lottery. We search for answers to making everything easier through mom...

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