Hi, I’m Jess and I’ve always had a passion for writing since I can remember. Journaling, quotes, reading morbid and raw books have always been something that intrigued me. I got my Bachelor’s degree back in 2011 for Media Communications and kind of felt lost coming out of University. I jumped around jobs, mainly waitressing and bartending, not wanting to settle for something. I truly wanted to find something I loved doing and something that would inspire others.

Spring forward a few years and I had my first baby and my world all changed. I loved being a mom and wished for nothing more but to stay home and raise this little girl but at the same time find something that fuelled me and gave me a sense of independence and worth. I landed a dream opportunity with a company as a Social Media Coordinator and was able to work from home which made it super flexible and everything I thought I wanted. A couple of years, a few more social media contracts and a toddler later I felt content and happy in my career but I knew I had something more to give.


Ever since I became a mom back in 2016 I’ve wanted to support other moms and share my story. I wanted to share that everyone has a unique story and to break down the barriers that moms seem to live by. I’m so proud and excited to launch Scrunchie Mommie and I think moms everywhere will relate. Between heartfelt and informative blog posts to fun and colorful scrunchies, Scrunchie Mommie reminds moms everywhere to live lightly. It’s easy to lose ourselves in motherhood and our sense of play.

Scrunchie Mommie reminds us that it’s okay to have fun, be present and PLAY! My goal is to inspire moms, let them know it’s okay to be silly, to be flawed, to not have their hair done, to live in chaos, to work, to stay home. Whatever works for YOU is okay! Join me on this crazy journey of Mommy-hood and let’s throw caution to the wind and see where it takes us!