As a new mom, you go through a thunderstorm. You go from what you used to think is little sleep to barely functioning because let’s face it, with a newborn, 3 hours of sleep and you’ve won the lottery. We search for answers to making everything easier through mom groups, friends, books. What if we are missing something? Crystals can have major benefits that most new moms are not aware of.

Here are three types of crystals every mom should have; because who doesn’t want more sleep right?


Amethyst can have many metaphysical benefits and if placed in your babies room can provide calm, soothing energy along with assisting in bonding time. Amethyst has actually been used for decades including by ancients as a sleep stone. This crystals serene aura can help mothers provide a tranquil environment to get their babies to sleep through the night and create a schedule. Amethyst also helps relieve anxiety and insomnia through its calming properties.

I wholeheartedly wish I knew about this when I had my daughter as getting her to sleep without me holding her seemed next to impossible in the beginning. Trusting the magic that crystals like amethyst can offer is a game changer. You can place your amethyst crystal beneath your babies mattress and it will help protect your baby from all these new energies they are experiencing entering this world. After all, they were cozy and bundled inside your belly for 9 months, imagine how overwhelming it is to be surrounded by so many new things?

I myself can get overwhelmed at times from energies surrounding me. Babies too can pick up different energies and leave them unsettled. Do yourself a favour and get some Amethyst in you and your babies lives! You won’t be disappointed. I give praise to the Amethyst.

Rose Quartz:

Rose Quartz has always been one of my favourite crystals and I’ve carried it with me for years now. What I did not know were the spectacular benefits this crystal could do for my daughter. It is the love crystal and can stimulate tranquility and inner peace, what every mother wants for their child, am I right? There is NEVER TOO MUCH love between a child and their mother so using your rose quartz for unconditional love is a bonus.


Moonstone is the crystal for new beginnings and can help to balance female reproductive hormones. It helps with digestion which every newborn can always use. Lots of moms struggle with there baby having gas and they don’t know how to work it through. Moonstone is very essential in helping aid this digestion. Moonstone is associated with the moon so this one is a no brainer to help your little one to sleep!

I’ve always known my daughter is intuitive and an old soul. You can see it in her eyes. She can feel my energy and those around her. Never underestimate the magic of a toddler! I am so thankful for learning the sublime and breathe-taking benefits of these crystals and that I can teach my daughter to draw and lean into them. Seeing the benefits first hand I suggest any mother struggling with getting their child to sleep try these crystals out.

I hope this inspires YOU as a mom to get on the crystal therapy train. Give it a try, it may surprise you!

Love lightly,